what is CURRRENT?

CURRRENT is a zine publication and NE lab experiment in digital/visual communication by Delia__Rivera. It is dedicated to documenting MIAMI things. The city's people/spaces/culture.

culture is everywhere here, whether it be pop culture, subculture, counterculture
CURRRENT shines a light on MIAMI's multifaceted, multidimensional culture(s).

where did the name CURRRENT come from and what is up with that spelling?

CURRRENT is a great word for its multiple connotations. it is associated with physics, particularly electricity. MIAMI's growth can be described as electric. the word current also means NOW. we like this cause if not now, when?

#YOLO #zeitgeist

it is spelled with 3 Rs because we are literary anarchists. the english language and communication in general is changing rapidly as the world we live in grows and becomes more diverse and complex. we use emojis, acronyms, hashtags, snippets of words, and a bunch of other new rhetorical devices to communicate our thoughts/ideas/dreams. "proper" grammar and spelling are overrrated.

what are you hoping to achieve with this project?

The term "artist" is often used to describe an exclusive group of individuals. CURRRENT is based on the belief that every person in the world is an artist in their own right. we are all artists. productivity and creativity are byproducts of human existence. via CURRRENT, we hope to inspire others to tap into their creativity and contribute to the sustainable growth and development of our city.